Choosing Products For Your Skin Type & Needs

fulll-full-chart.jpgPlease Remember the color chart to know which of our additional products are right for you. (Products that don't belong to the lines below)


Azulen Line: is miraculous for all skin types, especially young, allergic, sensitive, rosacea, eczema, couperose, and inflamed skin types. This product should be the first recommendation for a client just starting with Zanqara to desensitize and effectively remove all chemicals (A.H.A., Glycolic Retinol, chemical peels, free radicals and dermabrasion. etc.) from the skin. This line is a wise first step on the journey to perfect healthy skin.

DC: A line for a formula for each skin type. This line is achieving unbelievable results with our clients. Its a Vegan Line.

The Cellular A Line: is a gorgeous moist cream that leaves no film but a softness that is envious! It is primarily for pre-mature aging, wrinkled, sagging, lifeless, chicken-like skin. Specifically for those who suffer from grief, drastically weathered or aging appearance on their face. It will be your best kept little secret!

Correctoderm Line: is for oily to very oily, comedoneic, acneic, cystoic, impure, troubled skin. This line is very refreshing and thoroughly cleanses the skin, leaving the skin with no greasy film but a soft smooth feel. The Correctoderm line DOES NOT contain a Correctoderm Day Cream, instead, the Cucumber Day Or Sensitive & Oily Day could be used. A person who has very oily skin and major acne uses the Cucumber Day, but someone who has very dry cheeks and is sensitive regardless if having acne & needs food for the skin uses the Sensitive & Oily Day

Cucumber Line: is specialized for the Normal to oily, “T-Zone” and/or combination skin types. This is a fantastic line. As the name states, each formulation contains cucumber, which results in a refreshing, rejuvenating, firming and tightening reaction while at the same time cleanses pores and tightens, giving the skin a youthful right out of the spa look. No other product available in your average drug store can make you feel so fresh and smell so good!

Elastoderm Line: is fantastic for all skin types except acneic. Mature, dehydrated and dry skin will simply adore this line. It is our anti-aging line! It’s refreshing, cooling, firming; a line that truly is a Zanqara treasure. Not a heavy line.

Oleoderm line: is fantastic for hormonal, mature, very dry, parched, wrinkled, sun damaged skin. If your skin is in need of a massive flood of hydration, minerals and repair, Oleoderm is for you. An incomparable line reaping unbelievable results! Our creamiest and thickest line. Hamamelis Toner belongs to the Oleoderm Line.

Papaya Line: is fantastic for every skin specifically for normal to dry, very dry and mature skin. Also a very good maintenance product for adolescences who are demineralized seeking that oomph to nourish their skin and prevent pre-mature aging. This is the tropical dream of cosmetics.