First Touch Overnight Body Conditioner

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We all desire to make a fantastic first do that, we must consider the details of our first touch.. a handshake, a hug, an accidental brush of our arms and its a subconscious impression of perfection when using First Touch over night body conditioner. By morning you will have skin softer than velvet and more desirable than a forbidden dream. First Touch is unlike another other body lotion, it has 24 hour release emollients that keep hydrating and soothing the skin, resulting in indescribably soft skin that looks and feels dramatically younger. One jar will last for months and results that will last 100 times longer than any other product on the market. One application, first touch of your own skin will be the proof that FIRST TOUCH is the only product for you. Endless amounts of testimonials from house wives to construction workers that the results are unbelievable and instant.... When someone thinks of perfection you will be the first one to pop into mind because you used First Touch... Achieve younger, healthier, softer, rejuvenated, and restored skin.

Ingredients: Ozonated Mineral Enriched Water, Aloe Juice, Kosher Glycerin, Wild Flower Honey, Emollient Wax, Meadofoam Oil, Babassu Oil, White Bees Wax, Avocado Oil, Kosher Lanolin, Arrowroot Powder, Hemp Oil, Oatmeal Extract, Carnuba Wax, Apricot Butter, Agar Agar, Chamomile Extract, Xanthum Gum, Geogard, Chemical Free Fragrance Oil

Size: 150ml

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1 Review

Tracy Lundman 2018 Sep 19th


Absolutely love this product, makes my skin silky smooth, super hydrating. I even use this on my 1yr old son who has very sensitive skin as well as eczema.

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