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This amazing lotion/butter scrub packed with fruit and floral extracts will leave your skin lush and soft, plump and hydrated. Transporting you to the organic best of Lanai and letting your skin feed on the best that nature has to offer.  No synthetics grains or silica, we use ground up lychee shells to leave a flawless feel. This scrubs acts as an intense moisturizer leaving skin soft and supple. Have skin as glorious as a tropic goddess!

Note: Gently scrub the face, since lychee shell are not fine grains.


Reviews (3)

Lanai at home

Written by Thomas on 2018 Apr 7th

My wife spends so much money on beauty products and everything smells cheap and she's never happy.. we have boxes of almost completely whole products. But for my wife's birthday she got some of the lanai products. that night she had her "Beauty me night" as she calls its and she came out shocked because she did look much more youthful and younger and normally the products she tries makes her face very shiny and red as thought the skin was slightly melted off. But the lanai products made her look refreshed, her skin was softer than ever and she smelt like a tropical cocktail. When she likes something she shares with me so she applied some of the lychee scrub on my hands which are very dry and sore and my hands after a few minutes of her massaging them were softer and hydrated. i loved the scrub and ordered some for myself (my wife shares things only once ) and really this product is really a treat.

Lychee dream

Written by Linda on 2018 Apr 7th

I'm not one to believe the hype of organic products.. and i don't like to spend money on cosmetics. before i use to wash my face with soap and that was all for my beauty regime. but i saw this lychee scrub and had to try it and i couldn't be happier! i now only use ZANQARA products and my number one favorite item is the lychee scrub. I don't know how to describe it but i wake up in the morning happy that i get to apply it. I'm 54 years old and as silly as it sounds when i apply the lychee scrub i feel young again and i leave my house feeling pretty. It smells so good and feels so good that it makes you feel good about yourself!

Can't Live without

Written by Lilly on 2018 Apr 7th

I pre-order 4 of these scrubs to hand out as gifts. Once I got them i decided to keep them all! it is the most amazing product. like the smell is to die for, the feel is like some whipped that you want to eat. my skin from face to toes is so soft and i have no more dryness! REALLY THEIR BEST PRODUCT

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