Is a line designed for those specifically fighting with blemishes, acne, any and all skin impurities that plague you without ceasing. When people think healthy, they think of the word “detox” …. we go on a radical organ cleanse, but neglect to detox our most vital organ, the skin; it has to be treated specially and properly to be  a canvas of true health. Endora is that special treatment, formulated with black salt and some of the world’s most purifying and rarest raw materials. Many customers are so convinced that Haberlea and Endora Noir are miracle products, that they use the two lines together  as a dual action treatment. The results are so unbelievable  and instant that these lines have become an overnight sensation without any competition. Many companies are now trying to reproduce the same results and even if  some ingredients are the same, Zanqara only uses the best of the best and is natural. We have the science and God’s blessing.

 Key Ingredient: Black Salt, Black Wolf Berry, Bamboo, Kukuinut, Lychee



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