Dear Customers:

We treasure all of you, and we at ZANQARA over all these decades, have done everything humanly possible to serve you the best we can. We want to take the liberty to explain the changes we are making, which are truly necessary because of the ever changing world we live in. Nothing stays the same and ZANQARA has had to make some changes as well, but regardless of the changes you are our main priority.



Many have asked the following questions.... 


1. Why isn’t shipping free?

- Unfortantely, we can’t provide free shipping on orders less than $95. We provide our products at prices that are less than our cost to make them. Where we can provide discounts, we do. HOWEVER.... Orders of $95 or more will get free shipping!

2. How is shipping calculated?

- For years Zanqara has been charging a standard shipping rate of $20 and covered outrageous amounts of additional shipping costs, because it costs way more than $20 when using UPS World Ship. Customers asked, when we created our new site, to provide them with "Shipping Quote Generator" based on their order. How the shipping cost is generated is simple... every item on the site has weight and dimensions. When you add items to your cart, UPS will automatically add up the total weight of the items and estimate the cost for it to be delivered to your address. We have absolutely no control of these calculations, they are 100% generated by UPS. 

3. I thought shipping would be cheaper when ordering online?

- In most cases shipping is cheaper, because of the weight of the parcel and also where you are located. In the situation that shipping is more than our old $20 standard rate.. the reason is very simple, that's the very best rate UPS can quote based on the many variables. Please keep in mind that you are paying a quoted price (the best price UPS could provide) ZANQARA still covers all the additional shipping charges, which in almost all cases is double or more than what you paid for shipping. ZANQARA doesn't charge handling fees on each order, in order to cover these losses, because we always try to do what would make our customers happy. In all aspects of life, things are getting more expensive and we are trying our best to keep the costs down for you, but there is only so much we can do.

Shipping costs, duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer, Zanqara has zero control over that.



We at ZANQARA want to take a moment and explain the following:


1. How does where we buy our raw materials, effect the prices of our products?

Our customers want the best raw materials and we would never compromise on giving them the best... but the best isn’t being produced in Canada anymore, and so Zanqara continues to increase their international purchases of raw materials. From the fields of Japan, and roses directly from France, our materials come directly from their origins in their purest and healthiest state... Not sitting in some warehouse in uncontrolled environments and most importantly they are kept fresh, they have not been tampered with, preserved, manipulated, or adulterated in any way.

When it comes to costs, if we did buy from a reseller in Canada, we are looking at prices 3-4 times more expensive than what they are now, we could save ourselves the headaches of importation and make our products way more expensive.. but again we want you to have the best skin care line at the best prices possible. The world is progressively getting more expensive and nature’s best is becoming a scarce luxury with a very high price tag. Zanqara , all this time (for the last 7 years) has been absorbing the additional costs, and charging so much less for each item than what it costs to make it. We don’t charge for packaging, we don’t charge the costs of business to our customers… but we also need to change with the times. We cannot keep the same prices forever, eventually things go up and some go down.

Truth be told being a company that is over 60 years old, that has done nothing but give the very best to our customers, never short changing them, putting our customers first even at our own expense… and every time we try to grow and evolve with economy, we get put down, questioned, and at times even attacked by the very people we have dedicated our lives too, and it hurts our hearts personally. Zanqara cannot continue to give the best, at prices that are nearly a century old, prices will go up accordingly but will always be less than what it really should be. 

2. Why are our products more expensive than the products in drug stores or other lines claiming to be organic?

 Zanqara has quickly become an international leader, when it comes to having the very best in cosmetics;  organic,  chemical free, GMO free, safe, with 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to achieving optimum skin restoration, rejuvenation, hydration, along with balancing, and producing ultimate anti-aging results. We have zero competitors, our formulas are unmatched and always will be, because when we formulate we ask ourselves one question “What would be the best for our customers and their skin needs?” and with that question in mind we never buy low grade raw materials, hence when all else fails people switch to us for the results they have been desiring.

The coined term "Organic" is a devil wearing an angel's mask, most organic lines use several dangerous ingredients, that can still be called "organic", use low grade oils and butter and call a product "Natural" even though there are several well hidden chemicals that will destroy your health and skin in the long run. ZANQARA searches high and low for the highest grade of raw materials that have not been tampered with in anyway, we investigate each and every item thoroughly, right down to how and where it was grown and harvested, while collecting comprehensive data sheets. Our products are too precious because we formulate them thinking how precious life and health is... ZANQARA is a gift that you won't find mixed in with cheap and chemical filled drug store brands. We respect your skin, we respect you as a customer and we respect our products and our guarantee that our line is the best.. because our products are PURE and  HEALTHY and that is why our products cost a wee bit more.

3. Price changes?

- Zanqara will change prices according to costs to make them, which means if the cost of making a product goes down, so will the prices, and if the cost of making a product goes up so will the price. As we have stated previously, nothing stays the same, but one thing will, and that is ZANQARA's dedication to provide you with the best in everything; services, prices, products, and raw materials. That is our vow to you.  We are growing rapidly, and there will always be new customers, but we still think of our loyal customers that have been with us for a while, because you’re the foundation of Zanqara’s heart and philosophy.  We ask you to understand our position and the necessary decisions we have to make in order to keep providing  you with the products you love.


We are always here for you, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

God bless you

- Zanqara Management