Fresh Fresh Fresh

Very few things are left pure and fresh in this world. Zanqara has always cared about providing wholesome products but we are officially taking it to a new standard. In the world of cosmetics we want organic farm fresh. We literally source locally organic produce and bring in internally rare and organic ingredients. 90% of our ingredients are actual produce that you would collect right out of the fields/gardens. But you may ask what are the few rare ingredients that aren’t? We want to be transparent, the few ingredients are:

1. Ethanol: due to regulations we cannot use consumption grade alcohol in cosmetics but we use the safety internationally used toxic free ethanol. We use it in our toners, sanitizers, hair gels and specialized products requiring it.

2. Cremephor A6, A25, RH40: These ingredients are used in vitamins, oral products and in some foods needing extra moisture and softness. Internationally approved for being non-toxic and safe for consumers.

3. Cetyl Alcohol: Ours is derived from Palm Oil and is vegan. Also used as a safe food additive. It creates a beautiful hydrated matte finish for the skin that few waxes can achieve.

4. Mono Glycerin: Ours is a food grade quality used in breads and anything needing that soft bouncy, moist texture. It has been internationally approved as safe for eating and ultra safe for the skin since it adds an extra moisturizer barrier for the skin in a unique and restorative way.

5. Sepizen Max: Is a gelling ingredient that allows us to create gels with a beautiful satin finish. It is approved for internal and external use. The safest gelling ingredients on the market and doesn’t suffocate the skin like xanthum gum or agar agar or other food grade ingredients. It is hypo-allergenic and hydrating.

6. Geogard: is an ecocert approved product used in many different ways and categories. It is internationally approved as safe for external and internal uses. Though our ingredients (oils, butters and extracts) have natural preservative properties; Geogard simply adds another level of ultra safe preserving and preventing contamination from when one dips their fingers into the jar for each use. It prevents mold and dangerous bacteria from growing that would otherwise naturally occur.

7. GMO & Chemical Free Fragrance Oils: We import freshly made fragrance oils that are made from real flowers and fruits. 

Everything else we gather directly from the organic fields. We care about your well-being, we care about the long term effects that every ingredient that goes into our formulas has, and we will only use things that are safe and beneficial for you. Achieving your skin goals ultimately comes down to us putting your health first. Skin care is more than a mere lotion, its must be cohesive with the principle of life; 


“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. 

Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” -- Paracelsus