Private Labeling

Private Labeling

We at Zanqara do provide private labeling services. For private labeling minimum purchase requirement  is $100,000 per product yearly. To create a new formula the fee is $25,000 for basic formulation and increases according to the complication of the formula and ingredients being used. MOQ is 40kg of each product per order. 

Zanqara owns all rights to formulas and formula exclusivity rights are only provided when formulation is purchased from us. Zanqara holds the right to sell any and all private label formulas under a different name on our own sites unless the formula has been purchased and we sell all rights to it.

Zanqara holds the right at any time to terminate a business partnership if we feel such association is not suitable or is problematic for our company. We have the right to determine what we consider “problematic”.  

Please be advise that if our products are copied or any materials provided by ZANQARA  is used once business partnership is terminated we hold the right sue for damages and all legal fees will be paid by the offending party breaking our company policies. 

ZANQARA does do label design and product descriptions that are suitable to Health Canada guidelines, if changes are made by the purchasers we are not liable for the product being block or needing additional approval. ZANQARA does not make claims on any of our products therefore as our policy we tell our clients not to make claims about the products, otherwise we will not sell to customers who repeatedly make this mistake. 

Zanqara does help with selecting packaging or will happily provide labeling solutions for customers who already have their own packaging.

We get private labeling inquiries all the time and we hold the right to refuse or approve anyone we want. If trust is broken at anytime all contracts are void and all verbal agreements are obsolete and we immediately terminate partnership. We at Zanqara hold the rights to deem when the trust has been broken.