Since all ZANQARA products are made with food grade ingredients, are chemical free and Homeopathically based, we do NOT Accept returns, exchanges or issue refunds under any circumstance, unless otherwise authorized by a ZANQARA representative in written format (written consent via email). When approved, there will be a 40%-60% restocking fee on untouched products. If products are sent back to us without approval, they will be donated to a charity as a gift from you, at this time you relinquish your ownership of the products, and are not entitled to any store credit, refunds or exchanges, because of violation of our company Return Policy.


By proceeding with an order by email or through anyone of ZANQARA’s websites, you will be agreeing that you accept the terms that ALL orders are non-refundable, and you won’t be able to return items, request exchanges or refunds nor cancel an order. We have a very strict policy that there are 100% no refunds, returns, or exchanges under any circumstances. By agreeing to these terms, you understand that if you try to request a charge-back from your credit card or Paypal and dispute the charges of your purchase, you will be charged an additional $50 in bank/inconvenience fees, and you will still be obligated to pay for your purchase. If this unpleasant circumstance occurs Zanqara will hold the right to refuse to sell to you again. Zanqara holds high standards for honesty and upholding the utmost professional behavior. Once agreeing to these terms please know that Zanqara is delighted to be of service to you, and will be there with you every step of the way on your journey to healthy, radiant, youthful, and flawless skin.


Zanqara prides itself with putting a dedicated amount of attention to each and every order, because the satisfaction of our customers, is our main priority. In the event that an error does occur on your order, please contact us immediately, so we can remedy the situation promptly. You can contact us by the following means:

Phone/ Text Support: (705) 888-5032



In the event that an error occurs due to one of the following reasons, ZANQARA is not liable and holds no responsibility to cover or replace merchandise:

1. Since orders are done online and we have zero control of the info the customer inputs, if the customer enters in a wrong address and the order is still delivered to that address; we are not responsible to resend the order since the error took place because of the information inputed by the customer durning their secure check-out.  In the event that you have a new address and place an order, but did not update your address book in your profile, and we proceed to send your order to the address, we are not responsible to resend your order or cover the costs. You as the customer hold the responsibility to keep your account with us up to date. If you fail to do so, and the parcel is sent to an old address or improper information was imputed, that order counts as successfully delivered on our behalf, and we are not responsible to send the order again.

2. Once the parcel leaves our facility, we are not responsible for any damages that may occur to such parcel... BUT... like stated, we care first about the satisfaction of our customers and if your parcel arrives damaged... Please take a picture of the box before opening it, and then take pictures of any damaged products within the parcel and send to: INFO@ZANQARA.COM or text 705-888-5032 and we will work with you to correct the matter. We send all parcels with tracking, and if the box arrives damaged, we will require that photos of such damaged goods be sent same day to qualify as “Delivery Damage.”


3. Once the parcel is received on behalf of you “the customer” or the intended recipient (if the purchase was a gift and shipped to a different address not of your own) , please know that our products are temperature sensitive, (no extreme changes in temperature.) or the product will be effected due to it being organic and made entirely of natural substances. Changes in temperature (including leaving the product in a direct path of sunlight. If you can feel warmth, so do the products) it will cook the product. We consider this to be damages caused by the customer “the recipient” of purchase. If the product is effected (eg. change of odor, color, density, texture, separates) we at Zanqara and all partners and associates are not liable or responsible to replace the product or issue a refund. You the customer are responsible to properly store and maintain your products.

4. The customer is responsible to select products suitable for their skin type, or properly inquire by asking a ZANQARA representative which product would be appropriate. Our website has full product descriptions with full ingredient lists, and the customer is responsible to make sure there isn’t any ingredient they may be allergic to before proceeding with purchase, because ZANQARA will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions, and is not obligated to issue an exchange or refund. Please read carefully, these products are natural, and ingredients are clearly specified for both websites and the price list.

5. Since ZANQARA products are chemical free and natural, they are designed to detoxify the skin from previous skin care products the customer might have previously used. We sell our products with the strict recommendation that other cosmetic lines are not used in conjunction with our products. Mixing products between any two companies can lead to break-outs, rashes, irritations, and reactions hence why we strongly advise against mixing products, even when a individual isnt using ZANQARA products.  In the event that a customer uses products from another line, including and not limited to: medicated creams, body lotions, shampoos, lip balms, foundations, bath bombs, or body washes and experiences any unpleasant side effects, Zanqara will not be held liable or responsible. Zanqara will not be obligated at this point to refund, exchange or compensate the customer in anyway. We ask you to please respect your skin by not mixing natural with chemicals.


All orders are processed and shipped on business days only, --Monday through Thursday--, excluding major holidays. Orders placed on Thursday Night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be processed on the following business day. Please allow 3 days for order processing plus 2-14 days for delivery (Delivery time depends on destination).  If you have any questions concerning the processing or shipment of your order, please contact us via email or call us at 1-(705)-888-5032. Please note that due to our location, severe weather conditions during the winter and melting periods of March-April will delay or prolong estimated shipping times.

Please keep in mind that this is our desired order completion time, but we are a family company and process order first come, first serve and may experience additional delays. Also we would like to mention that during pandemics we also face struggles in receiving raw materials on time from our suppliers and also causes delays. 

NEW TIME FRAME: MAY-JUNE-JULY  are our inventory months, its when we do the most cooking of products because raw materials are at their best. Our shipping times are obsolete when it comes to these three months so we can get everything done properly. We will still ship out orders as quickly as we can but we ask you order far in advance so you do not experience any inconvenience.  

If you experience unexpected delay, please contact us at: 

For shipping outside Canada, the customer is responsible to pay duties and taxes of their order. Zanqara has no control over fees at customs.


ZANQARA's main mission is to be of service to our customers, and if in the event you have a back ordered item on your invoice, we will cover the shipping fees to send you such items when they become available.