Azulen Cleanser

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A gentle hypoallergenic cleanser leaving skin refreshed and renewed, without stripping its moisture. Great for sensitive complexions, this milky cleanser soothes irritated skin and helps to calm any redness, while improving circulation and stimulating cell renewal. Calendula, French Rose Extract, adds extra moisture and hydration. While jojoba and orange tree blossom extract work to gently unclog pores lift grime and removes embedded impurities. Desynthesizes and prepares the skin for further treatments. Excellent make-up remover. The best for celiac conditions.


Ingredients: Azulol Concentrate and Chamomile Extract, Jojoba Oil, Vetiver, French Rose Extract, Ionized Mineral Enriched Osmosis Water, Kosher Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Lanolin, Lanette O, Cremophor A6-A25, Orange Tree, Calendula,Bach & Hawaiian Flowers, Vitamin E & C, Bilberry


Caring For Your Products:   Since all our products are natural, we advise our customers to keep the products in room temperatures.

Extreme temperatures will effect the product, and we also recommend not keeping the product in direct sunlight. 

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3 Reviews

Martha 2018 Mar 13th


I have extremely sensitive skin, everything makes me itchy, sore, red and irritated and Azulen is the first line that I can use and have no problems, my skin is clearing up.. I have seen such a change in my skin and feel confident again. I have been able to play around with ZANQARA products and I notice that my skin responds perfectly.. I now can have anti-aging products and use skin care products because ZANQARA fixed my skin and made it normal and healthy.

Rhonda 2018 Feb 8th

Love this product

I have been using this line of phenomanal holistic skin care for 23 years. I am now getting older and use their mature line. The customer service is kind and respectful Rhonda from Vancouver Island

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