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ZanSake- Sake Temptations

Zan Elli1944 is proud to annouce it’s new line ZanSake... That’s right a luxurious line made from a vast selection of the finest Sakes in their three variaties: Nigorizake (濁り酒), Amazake (甘酒), Kuroshu (黒酒), and the Chinese rice wine that is similar to Sake known as Mijiu (米酒).

Sake is rich in enzymes, protein and over 20 amino acids resulting from the fermentation process. The longer the sake ferments, the higher the amino sando. Traditional fermentation process of either kimoto oryamahai is ideal for skin care, because it has to ferment twice as long than most sakes. Sake gently exfoliates the uppermost layers of skin, while the minerals and vitamins boost skin’s natural moisture-retaining properties. Sake was one of the best beauty secrets for Geishas, because it smooths, firms, and cleans pores while tightening them, plumps, softens, hydrates, and brings a radiant glow that is unique to only sake. One of the main reasons sake is such a big beauty secret, comes down to one of it’s hidden components Kojic; this acid is a chelation agent, which detoxifies, brightens, and whitens the skin.

Kojic also acts as protective barrier from UV damage to prevent and undo pigmentation... but don’t get confused, many companies sell Kojic Acid as an ingredient in their products, but, Kojic Acid on it’s own can lead to Contact Dermatitis, Kojic is only successful in achieving true beauty results, when kept in it’s integrity-- Sake!

All the components of sake play a crucial role in stimulating the skin, causing an outstanding and awing amount of beauty results, the few mentioned above are just the minor ones. Sake is key to achieving perfected beauty. Geishas were deemed as some of the most perfect, desirable, flawless, wholesomely seductive creatures on the planet, and a Geisha of exquisite beauty always used sake... and so should you.

The ZanSake Line by Zan Elli1944 is complete with over 30 products, and more on the way... this line was designed for men and women. No matter how much we modernize, there are some well kept hidden traditions that modernism could never compete with. So ZanElli1944 took some of the best ancient secrets, from herbs, pearls, teas, mushrooms, fruits and made a line so complex that we surpassed modern skin care and made a legacy of perfected beauty.