DC 2hr Hydrating Cleaner (Face & Hands)

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This product is special to our DC line. Demodex mites are well known to transfer bacteria/ disease/ viruses to one host to another, so we invented this 79.5% Ethanol based face and hand moisturizing sanitizer. Please read our blog post about mites. We use strong and powerful antimicrobial oils and extracts to make this disinfectant lush and unique. We use our DC 40 Oil and our DC 40 Extract. This product remains slightly moist for up to 2 hours allowing the Ethanol to continue working and creating an protective barrier. It hydrates, moisturizes while having anti-aging properties. You can apply as often as you want without drying out your skin. During this time take an organic and natural approach to protecting your skin and not lose the power of sanitization and disinfection. Take the Zanqara approach.


Ingredients: DC 40 Longevity Extract Blend, Water, Carbopol, Ethanol, DC 40 Oil Blend, Hemp Seed Oil, Kukuinut Oil, Mineral Oil, Oregano, Fennel, Basil, Bay Leaves, Chives, Turmeric, Ginger, Lavender, Calendula, Arnica, Chamomile, Peppermint.

Reviews (5)


Written by Lyndell on 2020 Mar 18th

With this covid-19 virus going around and hand sanitizers being hard to get your hands on, I decided to buy this product. I simply adore it! It really does leave a beautiful feel for two hours and then your skin is completely matte and you re-apply. My skin feels amazing, my laugh lines look way better and my black heads are almost completely gone! What I really appreciate is, I am going through a financial difficult time, and my work wasn't one I could do at home. Zanqara however sent me a kind personalized letter stating they world create for me a custom discount code, and I would get 25%-50% cash back on all orders that used my discount code. They stated they understand some people can't just go out and find a source of income in these trying times and that this is their way to help. I got one my friends to place an order of about $500 and I got $125 back. that would be approx three hours of work to make that and I made it off one referral.

I got a complaint

Written by Brian on 2020 Mar 18th

I am construction and the guys around me are normally iffy when it comes to their health but they won't miss a day of work even if they have to take a sneeze lift off onto the roof. I am a germophobic, I need to wash my hands regularly and my face. I bought one of their little bottles and really wow, my rough hands feel better than my wives who uses endless of moisturizers, and my hands are squeaky clean and my face feels smooth and clean. My complaint is they don't have bigger bottles, I would easily buy a gallon and keep it my workstation, car, and home. I can keep this in my tool belt. When I get a cut or scratch I immediately apply and I never get an infection. I have to say I placed an order and the next day I got my order plus they sent me a complimentary moisturizer and body wash. Excellent service.

I am so glad they put this on their site

Written by Sharron on 2020 Mar 18th

Zanqara, does a lot of custom products and has so many secret products that they don't sell online or even advertise, I had gotten a product very similar to this a while back because I'm prone to catching virus, I have a weak immune system and no matter how much I used to use 99.9% baterica kill sanitizers I just ended up with dry skin and a cold. Since I started using the product they made for me without the DC blend, I had soft and smooth skin and my rate of getting sick completely dropped regardless of where I was and if someone sneezed or coughed around me, I would inhale some funginator and I would never get sick. I would only catch something when I accidentally drank from someone's cup that was sick with a virus. I will buy and hoard this new product!!!

I love it.

Written by Becky on 2020 Mar 18th

I was using drug store hand sanitizers and my hands were chapped and dry and then i tried this because a friend recommended it. It smells great (very natural) and leaves my skin soft and smooth I'm confident in their products. This company never makes claims, which was why I was hesitant to buy from them originally. They simply state that they use ingredients that have documented benefits but they make no claim that their products will produce those results. I tried their funginator because i had the worst case of foot fungus and was so embarrassed to show my feet. I tried everything including medicated creams and nothing worked and their funginator which they make no claims for, and it did everything that other documented proven creams couldn't. So do i trust their hand sanitizer absolutely. I don't need claims, i trust them when they say they formulated something with my health in mind!

The best product I've ever bought

Written by Joey on 2020 Mar 18th

I literally bought one bottle and it lasts forever, and i use so much of it especially now that the corona virus is everywhere. My skin feels amazing, not dry at all and its spreads so well. I will definitely stock up!

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